How do you bookmark?

In another example of the Google-ization of the world, one of my students asked today how to bookmark a page. We were talking about how Google has made indside pages the new home pages, and how you never even need to see the home page of a news site, if all you want to do is find a particular article.

None of the 45 students today said they use bookmarks. All just Google what they want. And one said she didn’t even know how to bookmark.

I can geez about the days when we bookmarked everything then couldn’t find anything because we never organized our bookmarks.


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  1. Hannah

    Woohoo! I found your blog!
    This post reminded me of a story my newspaper printed today about portal sites in Korea (called Naver and Daum), which have gotten in trouble here for posting news articles on the News sections of their web sites without attributing them to their original sources. On top of that, they’ve been editing stories with a slant to align them with the personal views of the people in charge at the sites. Gosh!

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