Community spirit

South Africa was great. I’m sorry to be leaving. The people are friendly, the country is beautiful and the opportunities are plentiful.

Being both a first-world and a third-world country, it has huge opportunities, offers the right encouragement and generally has the infrastructure for entrepreneurs to do their thing.

Yet, it’s still a country where the spirit of community and togetherness is very strong. It’s a country where I think technology really can be used to support and strengthen the community spirit.

This is what the Knight News Challenge is all about. We’re looking forward to reading the applications from Africa.



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2 responses to “Community spirit

  1. pedro

    Hi Gary
    At last had some time to read a bit about your experiences and thoughts as reflected here. Very impressed an I’m glad you could share with others. We are now in exam time and wish your students luck!

  2. Gary Kebbel

    Hi, Pedro, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good luck for all the students! I hope their exams go well.


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